Jetboil one person (gas canister)

By Chris Ord September 16, 2014
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A stove with a coffee plunger – what more could you want?

Boil/500ml*: 3min 18sec
Claim: 2min/500ml
Weight: 425g (kit)

I’ve used and abused the JetBoil for ages now and loved it near to battered death. The slimline pot locks onto the stove unit with an exchanger ensuring heat transfer effi ciency. A giant stubbie holder keeps heat inside the pot and ensures safety. The pot only holds 500ml, so it’s a solo enterprise. A built-in sparker lights it up, the downside being that it tends to falter after a few years.

Nothing a match can’t fix.

It can be unstable given the tall, slim design and small canister footprint. That limited bottom surface area also means constant stirring to keep heat conducting evenly. It’s easy to accidentally grab below the protective wetsuit and burn yourself.

Like the MSR Reactor, the heat exchanger keeps jet flame noise to a bare minimum. The stove, pot and canister packs down Russian Doll-like, nice and compact, but here’s my favourite part: a built-in coffee plunger. For that alone… genius.