Garmin Edge 1000 GPS

By Mike Elliot 5 September 2014
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For a bigger but still lightweight GPS, the wireless Garmin Edge 1000 has got you covered

If you were watching the recent Giro d’Italia close enough you would have noticed the new Garmin Edge 1000 weaving throughout the peloton and being put through its paces by Garmin’s Pro Team.

In this tech savvy cycling age, where cyclists worry about the weight of their inner tubes, you’d think Garmin would produce a smaller, more compact design for the Edge 1000, a follow-on from last years 810 model, but on first impressions the unit appears significantly bigger. Think something slightly smaller than an iPhone strapped to the front of your bike…

The bigger, now higher resolution touch screen design feels and looks slicker than the previous Edge models and is actually slimmer than before. In fact, this GPS weighs about the same as the previous 810 model.

As per the previous model, the 1000 works wirelessly with your smartphone so you can upload your rides and achievements, plus download routes at the push of a button. All this info now lands at the redesigned Connect web site.

The Edge 1000 has some new features that you’ll use on every ride – ones that will certainly make your trip on two wheels more challenging.

The first is based on the Strava KOM idea, where you upload your performance and compare it to others who’ve ridden the same route.

Through the Connect website you can create or join segments, which tend to be popular climbs or routes. Once downloaded, the Edge 1000 will light up and tell you when you are about to start your segment.

Automatically turning to the map screen, a pointer will show where you are on the challenge and how far you have to go to the finish line.

On top of this another pointer will appear, indicating how you are faring against the leader of the segment. It’s a real leg burner, and in real time you will know how far you are from your personal best, and depending on where you are in the world, how you are performing against the pros.

Another new feature making sure you are out longer on the road is the notification of incoming and missed phone calls, plus the ability to view text messages thanks to the link up with your smart phone.

It’s a simple feature that seems obvious – how many times have you been in a group ride and you or a mate pulls over to fumble around the back pockets hoping not to miss the vibrating phone.

On top of this, the Edge 1000 naturally comes with heart, speed and cadence monitors, giving you all the tools you need to get out there and improve yourself on two wheels.

RRP $699 (incl. HRM and speed/cadence sensors)