Richmond NGX Mid Women’s boot

By Jo Runciman 4 April 2014
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For those looking to bypass busy store shelves for blister-free comfort and support, try this sturdy boot.

I ran into Kathmandu the day before my Tasmanian Bay of Fires walk this April. I had of course, forgotten to read the gear list required for the walk and when I enquired as to whether my trusty running shoes would do the trick – I was told a categorical NO and that it was “highly recommended” to get some proper walking boots with ankle support.

So I find myself one day before departure, headed in to Kathmandu to pick myself up some boots. I hadn’t bought walking boots for 20 years, my last official trek being Nepal in 1998.

Those boots now long gone, I soon realised that buying boots was a more complicated affair in 2013! Despite being slightly dazzled at the wide range of options, I was attracted to both the colour and price of the Richmond NGX Mid Womens boots.

I tried them on, very conscious that they needed to be instantly comfortable if I was to walk in them untested for four days. They were a perfect fit. I was surprised with how light they were – this is down to the NGX® fabric, which is both light and strong.

The ankle support is firm but cushioned and comfortable. The boot felt very supportive – particularly around the ankle – but it did not feel overly structured underfoot and my flat arches were supported but not uncomfortably so.

Day one was a four-hour trek on slightly sloping, soft-sand beaches. We also climbed over granite headlands and marvelled at ancient middens. This was possibly the ultimate test for an untried boot on soft office feet, and I was amazed that at the end of the day my feet had no blisters – not even a rub mark!

The ankle support had (as pointed out by the guides) been essential, and the high performance Vibram® soles had enough flex to cope with the beach walk without feeling cumbersome.

Day two was a seven-hour walk on mostly hard sand beaches; I put on the boots again for their second test, not quite believing that my feet were still completely comfortable – no rub marks, no blisters!  Not being accustomed to carrying a pack, or walking for more than an hour at a time, the boots were still comfortable throughout the day.

An accidental drenching (too busy talking to the guide and not paying attention to the incoming waves) also proved their water resistant qualities; it would have been a long four hours to the lodge with wet feet.

The next two days took us across muddy grasslands, shallow creek beds, sandy, slippery rocks, through peppermint gum forests and mossy tracks. I rediscovered the joy of bushwalking and the bliss of experiencing one of Australia’s beautiful and amazingly untouched places. The Kathmandu NGX boots never faulted and I’m looking forward to – and already planning – my next adventures with my still very new looking boots!

RRP $300