Princeton Tec Vizz headlamp

By Justin Walker 4 April 2014
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Keep to the track with this torch.

This month was the season for just-arrived equipment in the Australian Geographic Adventure gear shed, with this all-new headlamp from Princeton Tec – the Vizz – arriving literally on deadline day.

I have had a Princeton Tec headlamp for around seven years now and can attest to the brand’s products being durable and very effective – and at first glance, the Vizz looks like continuing that reputation. The most noticeable thing is just how incredibly light it is, weighing only 105g, making it specifically ideal for trail running, where every gram counts, as well as other outdoor activities.

The Vizz is powered by three AAA batteries and has a three-mode switch that toggles lighting output between the one Maxbright LED (150 lumens output) and two Ultrabright Red LEDs. You can also hold the switch for a few seconds to access the two Ultrabright White LEDs that are also dimmable, which helps extend battery life.

Speaking of which, Princeton Tec claims a burn time of 200 hours so, over the next two months; that will be one of the things we check out, along with how easy it is to live with the Vizz on outdoor trips. Light me up!

RRP $74.95