HUSKI Apex Jacket

By Justin Walker 4 April 2014
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This three-in-one jacket will keep you protected in all conditions.

When you’re choosing outdoor gear, versatility rules. If something can do more than one job when you’re out and about, it is usually the first thing packed in your backpack or duffel bag.

Huski’s Apex is a prime example of a well-proved design (the Apex has been a staple of the Huski outer shell range for years) that while appearing relatively straightforward in its structure and design, packs plenty inside.

I am a huge fan of lightweight, durable gear, so when I first received the Apex I wasn’t entirely sure how I would make it work in my gear kit. However, the jacket soon proved my mother’s oft-quoted point that “you need to look underneath things” – which I did, and since then, the Apex has been one of my go-to outer garments.

The Apex is a three-in-one jacket, which accounts for its bulky appearance. As well as the outer waterproof/windproof shell (which has a tuck-away hood, myriad zips – some waterproof – and pockets, as well as a double stormflap at the front zip to prevent water ingress), there is a fleece jacket that is attached via zips (and one loop at the back of the neck).

So, depending on weather conditions, you can use it with the fleece zipped in as a toasty-warm jacket for very cold conditions, or you can zip out the fleece and just use the outer shell during summer rainstorms. The fleece can be used for any and all conditions you use these mid-layer garments for.

And that’s the Apex’s big appeal: rather than packing a down jacket, waterproof outer shell and mid-layer fleece, it does it all in one, very competitively-priced garment. And yes, it proves that other point: your mother is always right.

RRP $150 (retailer dependent)