Rebel Sport Super Natural

By Australian Geographic Adventure Team 26 March 2014
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The Rebel sport super natural jacket has all you need to stay comfortable- whether you’re pounding the pavement or the trail.

RUNNING GEAR HAS to fulfill two purposes: be comfortable when worn and be, preferably, durable as well. Myriad materials have been used for decades as manufacturers searched for the ideal solution and Super Natural (available at all Rebel Sport stores) is the latest to hit the market.

Super Natural uses a combination of proven fabrics – primarily merino and polyester, with lycra incorporated where appropriate – to produce running gear that is light (thanks to the polyester), warm (merino) and, where necessary, provides some stretch, with small amounts of lycra interwoven into the fabric of particular products.

We have been testing a range of Super Natural running products over the past few months – A Mantis jacket, Sport zip neck top, Competition Shorts, and Relax short-sleeve Tee.

This review is covering the Competition Shorts and the Mantis Jacket, both of which have seen extensive use over the winter months. The Mantis is very light, without compromising on strength. The outer shell is constructed from 150g polyester, which is light, water-repellent and rip-resistant. The inner liner is comfortable 120g merino and the jacket also has breathable mesh areas under the arms/across the midsection.

During testing, the jacket has been used by a few runners – male and female – with each one returning mainly positive comments on its performance. The jacket’s light weight and decent breathability meant it was an easy choice for even mildly cold mornings, with no real fear of overheating. The merino inner ensured body temps remained constant, while the vents’ cooling action was welcome when the wearer was at high exertion levels.

The only negative was the zip, which is too small for anyone with large-ish hands, and occasionally got stuck/jammed at the bottom. Overall, though, the jacket’s appealing price and generally sound performance make it well worth consideration for the avid trail runner.

The Competition Shorts were very impressive. Used extensively by one tester, the shorts’ fit (with the merino blend inner compression-style short) and finish made for very comfortable running. The outer fabric (a polyester/merino blend) is very smooth and has a bit of stretch to retain full freedom of movement – it is also relatively quick-drying.

The roomy fit of the outer short also ensured comfort and no restriction of leg movement when caught in wet weather. Again, the inner merino short helped here, offering warmth, but also protecting from any potential chafing.

RRP $50 (Competition Shorts)
RRP $110 (Mantis Jacket)