Magellan Cyclo 105hc Monitor

By Justin Walker 26 March 2014
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The Magellan Cyclo 105hc lets you record your distance, speed, time, metres climbed and calories torched while biking. It can even save your riding routes.

MAGELLAN IS one of the big names in navigation and has recently moved into the fitness world with, firstly, the release of its excellent Switch GPS sports watch, and now, its Cyclo series of bike computers. The Cyclo is a three-model range – the 100, the 105 and the 105hc, tested here.

The 105hc builds on the Cyclo 105 features list, which includes:

  • SIRFstarIII high-sensitivity GPS receiver; barometric altimeter
  • Electronic compass
  • Outdoor temp recorder; navigation plot screen
  • A bright 1.8-inch anti-glare screen
  • Claimed battery life of between 14 and 18 hours
  • Waterproof (IPX-7; can be immersed for up to 30 minutes in 1m of water)
  • Built-in ANT+ sensor (allows connection of any ANT-compatible heart rate, cadence, or speed monitor, or power meter)
  • Ability to record distance, speed, time, metres gained (climbed), rider calorie consumption, as well as save riding routes

Training data can be analysed via Magellan’s Desktop PC Tool software (with a caveat; more on this later) and uploaded to training sites such as Strava.

The Cyclo 105hc ups the ante by including a heart-rate monitor and cadence sensor; all the equipment you need is here, ready to go. The Cyclo 105hc only arrived at AGA HQ about a fortnight ago (at the time of writing) but it has already seen plenty of use. Setup was easy: charge the unit, affix the bike mount to the bike, attach the speed and cadence sensors to the pedals, chainstay and wheel spoke, then access the menu’s Settings tab to add your profile (gender, weight, age, height), and your bike type (in this case, “road”).

The 1.8-inch screen is easy to read and is sectioned vertically to display five customisable menus: Dashboard; Workout (with a load of options); History; Settings; and To PC. There is also a map screen, and a compass display, both of which you can toggle on and off.

Once you connect the cadence/speed sensor and heart rate monitor, an icon signifying each of these is displayed. When riding, the screen display is legible in most conditions; it is only in ultra-bright sun that it is a tad more difficult. Operation-wise, it is easiest to have whatever data you want on display already up on the screen as a couple of functions take a double-push to access – not always easy riding in traffic.

So far, battery power has been close to Magellan’s claims; i have had to repower once, after around 13 hours of riding, and that included a lot of fiddling with menus, etc., which will use more power than if you just set it and ride.

One complaint is that the data recorded since I started cannot be downloaded to my computer; I use an apple mac, and there is no mac version of the Magellan desktop pc tool software (Magellan has state it is working on a mac version).

Besides this, the Cyclo 105hc has, in its short tenure at ago to date, been reliable and performed without fault. We are looking forward to another couple of months’ use – and more data tweaking – before delivering a final verdict.

RRP $179