By Australian Geographic Adventure 10 June 2011
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USED BY: Australian Geographic Adventure staff writer Amy Russell

BELIEVE ME WHEN I say I was the envy of all my camping buddies on a recent trip away when I withdrew my six-piece Light My Fire Outdoor Meal Kit from my backpack. When you’re tired and hungry after setting up camp in the middle of the bush, there’s nothing worse than realising you’ve forgotten your fork or a mug.

Thankfully, this set saves you from experiencing any such disasters. With a combined colander and cutting board, bowl and mug (both with lids), a spork with a serrated edge and two plates that double as the outer box, I had all my bases covered at meal times and during the prep stages.

I love this set for its convenience – it fits together easily and packs up to be super compact so it doesn’t hog space in your pack. The spork is made from polycarbonate and the rest of the set is built from polypropylene (an environmentally friendly plastic) so it is super tough and can take a hiding without falling apart.

I also found it was easy to clean – all it needed was a quick rinse off in our murky dishwater and it was as good as new, ready for the next meal. Because it’s microwave and dishwasher safe you can also use the set when you’re back at home in the kitchen and you’re all out of clean cutlery and plates. My only gripe would be that the serrated edge of the spork isn’t very sharp, which made chopping tougher foods a little tricky.

RRP: $39.95,