Used and abused: Carn Viper EV

By Josephine Sargent 15 April 2010
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Tourist activity puts these toughies to the test.

AS A RECENT EX-QUEENSLANDER, my new Sydney flatmates have kindly donned their tour-guide caps.

On a sunny Saturday we tackled the 27 km Coast Track from Otford to Bundeena, at its sandy, rocky, grassy, hilly best. The Vipers, although bulky, were super light and offered plenty of ankle support and grip as I scrambled over slippery stones. The day was hot, but my feet didn’t sweat, and the tough material wasn’t bothered by the rough undergrowth we pushed through.  

Carn Viper EV $239.95
Used by: Josephine Sargent, Australian Geographic Adventure sub-editor