Used and abused: Teva X1 Evolution

By Dallas Hewett 14 September 2009
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Outdoor staff member Dallas chances upon a light and bright shoe perfect for trail walks.

Pumpkin orange is the official colour of the Teva X1 Evolution trail runner, however I’ll resist the temptation to drop vegetable puns.

The X1 trail running shoe is super-light and amazingly comfortable underfoot. I had no hotspots even on the first couple of runs thanks to the seamless upper mesh.

The extended tongue is handy for keeping out debris and the Spider XC traction (a Teva sandal and shoe staple) provides great traction and confidence on the trail and bounding over the many sandstone platforms on my local trail.

I love the liberating pleasure of throwing on my trail shoes and hitting the bush, without any equipment to fuss over. The Teva X1 has excelled in all conditions and I wouldn’t hesitate taking a pair on your next adventure race… watch out at the 24 hour+ events though, midnight always worries me when pumpkins are involved.

TEVA X1 Evolution $199.95
Used by: Dallas Hewett