Day II of the Mountain Bike Enduro

By AG Staff 1 December 2013
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Stage one placings have been revised after protest over final sprint at Ingkerreke Commercial mountain bike enduro.

THE DECISION TO AWARD Andy Blair and Aiden Lefmann equal second placings after a three-way sprint to the finish line has been reversed after a protest was lodged by Aiden.

Aiden lodged his claim for second place outright, following event organisers’ on-the-spot decision to award equal second placings at the finish line.

With a particularly tight lead into the finish, Blair was forced to miss the chute as a result of their all out sprint. At the time, Andy complained that the finish line chute was too tight for proper and fair racing and that he was simply trying to avoid an accident. Event organisers called it a draw and awarded equal second placing based the initial circumstances and evidence.

Post race, Lefmann requested event directors to review their decision stating that it was the same course for everyone and that if Andy overshot the finish chute it was not Aiden’s fault. After discussing the matter with witnesses and observing photos of the finish sprint it was decided Aiden’s protest would hold.

“We do not believe that Aiden changed his line and therefore caused Andy to go outside the marked course,” says Rapid Ascent event manger Sam Maffett. “We spoke to both competitors to get their views and believe that our decision on the spot was in fact incorrect.

“Based on the arguments, we have decided to award both the same race time; however, Andy will not receive the ten second time credit for second placing. Andy Blair’s result for the stage will officially be third, ten seconds behind Lefmann given his time credit.”

Andy accepted the decision but said “perhaps the finish line for this stage needs to be changed for next year.”

Rapid Ascent has agreed to review the finish line set-up, saying that it “in hindsight was not ideal in terms of space for open and fair racing, should the pack be tight at the finish, which in this case it clearly was.”


Elite men
1. Jason English 2:12:56 (including 20 second bonus time deduction)
2. Andy Blair 2:12:57 (including 10 second bonus time deduction)
2. Aiden Lefmann 2:13:07

Elite Women
1. Anna Beck 2:46:32 (including 20 second bonus time deduction)
2. Jess Douglas 2:49:17 (including 10 second bonus time deduction)
3. Jo Wall 2:54:43

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