Australian Geographic Adventure goes wild in Kenya: goodbye

By Amy Russell 7 November 2013
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Watch the highlights from an incredible two weeks on the road in Kenya.

safari comes to an end it’s difficult to believe we were able to fit so much adventure into just two weeks. Changing out of my safari clothes this morning felt like I was shedding an old skin, and as I packed away my camera gear and reflected on all that we’ve experienced I had that odd sensation of travel vertigo where it seems as if you’ve been away forever but in the same instance, time has moved in a flash.

We’re now on the very last leg of our journey and we’re Nairobi bound. The reflective silence on this car trip says more than any of the conversations we had as we got to know each other on our first few days; and, it’s obvious that we are a very different group to that which started out.

Adventure will do that to you: it leads you far from home and sees you leave a part of yourself behind in places so extraordinary you’d have struggled to believe them real had you not seen them for yourself.

For the full story on this trip check out the May/June issue of Australian Geographic Adventure. And in the meantime, you can catch a glimpse of the adventure with this video, created by Jess and Chris.  

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Keep an eye out for the full story in the May/June issue of Australian Geographic Adventure, and read more Kenya Photography Safari blogs here