Yakima StageTwo: new bike rack revealed

By Justin Walker 9 May 2022
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Yakima’s new StageTwo bike rack is designed for today’s bike-mad family, no matter what they ride. Here’s a sneak peek at this versatile bike lugger.

The StageTwo is Yakima’s all-new hitch-mount bike rack, designed as the bike rack for all bike types, from road to kids to mountain and fat bikes, as well as e-bikes up to 27.2kg in weight (with a two-bike capacity). The StageTwo is available in two colours – Anthracite and Vapor – and features what Yakima is calling a ‘tiered architecture’ (one bike rack is higher than the other) and the offset tray means there is more space between bikes when they are secured, minimising the chance of bumping and scratching.

The tiered architecture of the StageTwo means each bike is a bit further away from the other, ensuring less chance of bumping/scratching together.

The StageTwo includes a tool-free locking SpeedKnob 2.0 for easy fitment to and removal from your two-inch hitch. The Stage Two also tilts forward, via the forward-facing tilt lever, to allow easy access to the rear of your vehicle. Yakima has also released the StageTwo +2 as an accessory. As the name implies, this attaches to the carrier to allow you to carry four bikes. 

Yakima’s highly regarded padded clamps secure your bikes without touching the frames.

Speaking of carrying bikes, the StageTwo can fit 16- to 29-inch wheel sizes and tyres up to 3.25-inch (and up to 5-inch with the Fat Bike Kit, sold separately). As well – and allowing for how long mountain bike wheelbases are getting these days – the rack can fit a wheelbase of up to 1320mm. The rack is also suited to off-road travel, with a rating of 16.3kg/bike (two-bike capacity).

The locking SpeedKnob 2.0 makes the StageTwo easy and quick to fit and ensures your bikes (and the rack) are secure.

For bike-mad families, the release of the StageTwo is great news, especially for those who have newer mountain bikes; older bike carrier designs are often too short to carry today’s two-wheeled behemoths, so Yakima has ensured even your longest enduro sled will fit on this rack. Add in the robust build quality, those nifty design features aimed at reducing the chance of bike-to-bike contact, along with the ease of fitment thanks to the SpeedKnob 2.0 and the StageTwo offers what we reckon is, even with its hefty asking price, a convincing bike-lugging package, backed by Yakima’s excellent limited lifetime warranty. Look for our upcoming review of this new bike rack from Yakima to see if our initial thoughts are borne out.

RRP: $1099 (StageTwo); $749 (StageTwo +2)