OZtrail Cape Series Folding Bamboo Camp Table: Tested

By Mark Watson 2 February 2022
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The theory is: bigger is always better with camp tables. OZtrail’s folding model aims to prove that, so we’ve put it to the test.

A camping table can be one and many things at your family’s campsite. Whether it is used as a base for your camp stove, a dining setup from which to eat meals, or a combo of both, choosing the ‘right’ camp table is harder than it looks and will be governed by how you and your clan will use it. Besides the usage question, you also have the dreaded packing question; finding a suitably voluminous camp table that also fits in your adventure vehicle is no easy task. Enter OZtrail’s new Cape Series Bamboo Table…


The new OZtrail Cape Series Bamboo Table offers campers a compact, easy to use, stylish camp table, suitable for cooking, food prep and dining. The two-panel foldaway design is simple to use and quick to setup and dismantle whilst the adjustable height of the hard-wearing tabletop means for a very versatile camp table. All the legs, locks and hinges are out of the way when you fold it up after use. 

The robust carry handle and the table’s overall low weight make carrying it from your vehicle to your campsite an easy task.

In the field

Folded flat the Cape Series Bamboo Table delivers a neat and tidy 101 x 38.5 x 9.5cm (L x W x H) 8.6kg package with legs, hinges and brackets tucked neatly within the bamboo tabletop to eliminate any annoying ‘rattling bits’ on long-corrugated roads to your campsite. The included 600D Poly Oxford carry bag offers easy haulage and minor protection from scrapes and scratches, but we found our table when ‘bag-free’ was hard wearing, easy to transport (using its inbuilt carry handle) and slid neater beside our fridge.

Setup is a breeze. Two tabletop panels of weather resistant sustainably sourced bamboo hinge out to lock in place and form a 100cm x 75cm tabletop capable of handling up to 50kg in weight. Each leg unfolds to lock in place with easy locking thumb tabs allowing for extension to 50cm, 60cm or 70cm in height. Additionally, adjustable feet offer a more tailored levelling option for uneven surfaces

The quality steel hardware (hinges and locks) is well designed and easy to use, but as with most folding equipment, cause a potential weak point and we managed to bend one of our brackets, albeit through our slightly careless setup.

The adjustable feet enable you to adjust the table’s level to suit the terrain it is set up on, making for a nice flat surface and no sliding coffee mugs!

The final word on the OZtrail Cape Series Folding Bamboo Table

The OZtrail Cape Series Folding Bamboo Table [100cm] adds a bit of luxury to your camp setup whilst giving a little back to the environment. The simple and well-thought-out design offers a hardwearing weatherproof platform that takes extremely little boot-space. The table’s portability, small size, light weight, and ease of use make it an ideal everyday portable table for a any occasion, from a picnic down the park to a Trans-Oz adventure. 

RRP: $170 See www.oztrail.com.au for this and more camping gear.