Tested: Yakima JustClick 3

By Justin Walker 4 May 2020
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Need to lug the whole family’s two-wheeled escape machines? Look no further than this excellent bike carrier from Yakima.

Lugging a family’s worth of bicycles away for a weekend or longer escape from the city used to be always met with slight trepidation as I tried to figure out how to pack said bikes without compromising luggage space in our vehicle. Not only did a bike carrier have to be able to carry three or four bikes, it also had to not inhibit access to the rear luggage area of our car. There are myriad ways in which to bring bikes with you on any adventure, from roof-mounted racks, to hitch-mounted carriers and – in the case of Yakima’s JustClick 3 – towball-mount units.

The JustClick 3’s ability to tilt down even with bikes still attached means you always have easy access to the rear cargo area of your vehicle.

Yakima is a brand synonymous with top-notch, tough bike racks, with models available that allow any vehicle owner to find one that suits their particular method of bike transport. For us, the JustClick 3 was a no-brainer; as the moniker suggests, we can fit our two full-size two mountain bikes, and a smaller 20-inch bike on easily, with the fourth bike – a small 16-inch jobbie – fitting in the back of the car with the rest of our gear. Yakima also offers an optional extension for a fourth bike to be fitted to the JustClick 3. 

The JustClick 3 is relatively light for a tow bar-oriented unit, at just on 20kg, and it is easy to fit to your tow ball, with the “JustClick” in the name hinting at the method used to simply place the tow ball clamp of the (folded) rack over the tow ball. Once the rack is on the tow ball, you’ll hear the audible ‘click’ as it locks around the ball as you open up the rack, separating the base from the clamp bar. It’s a 20-second job at most. There’s a green and red indicator that shows green when the rack is secured. 

Most states in Australia require your number plate and brake/indicator lights to be visible at all times. The JustClick 3 includes these features as standard.

The design of the unit is excellent – as is the construction – and the JustClick 3 includes an integrated lock system to lock the unit to your tow ball, as well as key locks on each of the clamps. The folding mechanism that allows the JustClick 3 to flip away from the rear of your vehicle (with bikes on or off) is activated by your foot and, when down, provides plenty of access space to the rear of the vehicle. 

A handy feature of the JustClick 3 is the integrated brake/indicator lights (it uses a seven-pin flat plug), as well as space for a number plate. Most states in Australia specify that the vehicle’s rear lights and number plate must still visible when bikes are carried on the rear.

The JustClick 3 can carry a maximum bike weight of 60kg, meaning it is up to the task of lugging a couple of hefty electric bikes as well. Making loading of these heavier bikes easy is the optional ClickRamp, a roll-up ramp (sold separately; RRP$89). The JustClick 3 can cater for bikes with a wheelbase of up to 1250mm (via its extendable wheel tray) and tyre widths of up to 83mm (3.25 inches). The unit is easy to store thanks to its integrated wheels and fold-down rear hoop. 

The clamp arms used on the JustClick 3 can be locked to ensure your bike stays secure.

We’ve had the JustClick 3 for 12 months now and it’s been faultless. The only tweak we plan for it is adding that optional fourth-bike extension (RRP$199). It ain’t cheap, but the asking price is offset by the fact it should offer many years of reliable service, making it a sound investment for the two-wheeled family.