Tested: Primus LiTech Trek Kettle

By Justin Walker 13 January 2020
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The Primus LiTech Trek Kettle combines light weight and robust design for excellent campfire cooking performance.

When you’re carrying all your gear on a solo adventure, lightweight gear is the obvious choice. However, it’s also important not to be blinded by the ‘light is right’ mantra when choosing gear – durability should still be a big part of the gear selection process for your self-contained outing.

When packed, the LiTech Trek Kettle takes up minimal space in your backpack.

The Primus LiTech Trek Kettle fits this combo of durability and light weight perfectly – and adds in enhanced versatility when compared to some other lightweight camp kettles and pots on the market. The Trek Kettle’s hard-anodised aluminium construction (with non-stick, scratch-resistant inner surface) ensures this small unit (weight 300g; height 135mm; 125mm diameter) really does – excuse the well-worn pun – punch above its weight in regards to performance and versatility.

Versatility is accounted for by the 1-litre kettle’s lid, which doubles as a small frying pan. Being able to boil water in the kettle, or fry up an egg or a couple of slices of bacon inside the lid itself is a classic case of a piece of equipment that has more than one purpose. This is ideal when you are travelling solo: it doesn’t add unnecessary weight or bulk as the lid is included with the kettle anyway.

The fold-out handles are strong and make lifting the kettle off the stove easy, minimising the chance of burning yourself or spilling the contents.

The kettle has no actual volume markings, but it is easy just to watch as you pour and then judge how full it is. The fold-out handles (with insulated grips) are well secured to the side of the kettle and offer excellent support when lifting a full kettle off your stove and manoeuvring to pour out water/rice/pasta, etc. from inside without spilling it or burning yourself.

The kettle can fit a fuel canister inside (anywhere from a 100g unit up to a 230g one; with a 100g canister you may be able to fit a small stove/burner in there as well), again making packing it all in your pack/bag an easy process. With the smaller canister this means there is additional storage space inside the kettle to throw in a cleaning cloth, matches and/or some utensils.

Being able to fit a fuel canister inside is handy when space inside your pack is at a premium.

During testing the LiTech Trek Kettle worked perfectly; the added assurance of non-stick interior (for quick cleaning), strong handles and that nifty small spout for additional assistance when pouring hot liquid into a bowl or cup, made it pretty much foolproof in terms of use. As a handy, compact vessel for brewing up anything from that mid-journey cup of tea or coffee through to soups and/or dehydrated meals, the LiTech Trek Kettle’s overall performance qualifies it as that near-perfect addition to your gear shed. It’s a piece of equipment that simply does its job effectively, and does it every single time.

RRP $78.95 www.primusoutdoor.com.au