Little, but fierce

By AG Staff January 14, 2019
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This week’s reader photo was captured by Ben Stubbs.

“Venomous snake can be complicated subjects at the best of times, but with the sun low in the sky in the late arvo, trying to avoid shadows can be hard, so shooting towards the sun is a great option if you do it right. “This little Eastern brown snake (Pseudonaja textilis), about 60-70cm long was very spirited which is not unusual for browns, I only managed about 5 photos before he ducked into the vegetation to the left of the shot,” says Ben.

“You can see from the defensive posture of this snake why they have such a fierce reputation across the country. But as always, it is mainly all for show, and when the chance arises they will shoot of into cover to get away from the potential threat, in this case me and my camera! I find browns to be the most exhilarating snakes to photograph (that I come across regularly), they are great fun and keep you on your toes especially when shooting with a 10-24mm lens! Hope you enjoy this image as much as I did capturing it!”