The Suspicious Devil

By AG STAFF 11 July 2017
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A thorny encounter in the hot desert sun

The latest Australian Geographic Flickr group photo of the week.

Congratulations to this week’s AG Flickr group member Ross, for his image ‘The Suspicious Devil’


“I’m a self-taught Herpetological (Reptile & Amphibian) photographer based in Perth with a passion for capturing these animals in their natural habitat. This image was taken during a 6 week, 16,000km photography road-trip from Perth to Darwin in March/ April this year. This Thorny Devil was the first of approximately 60 reptiles that I photographed during the trip and it was exciting to start with such an iconic Australian species,” says Ross.

“Thorny Devils (Moloch horridus) are very tolerant of the high outback temperatures, preferring to bask in the sun during the hottest parts of the day. I wanted to capture the elements of the sun, and did so by orientating my shot so the sun rays highlighted the margins of the Thorny Devil’s spines.

The tilt of the head, together with the downward curvature of the mouth and squint of the eye gives the impression that the lizard is quite suspicious of me. Whether real or imaginary, the image makes you wonder what’s going on in the mind of the animal during such an encounter. Although I doubt it felt the same way, for me it was simply nice to be in the presence of such a unique and impressive animal.”


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