Under the wheatbelt sky

By AG STAFF 15 July 2016
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The Milky Way rises over flooded salt lakes near Beacon, Western Australia.

This week’s AG Reader Photo was taken by Kylie Gee south of Beacon, Western Australia.

“This is an image I captured at 2.24am on Saturday, 21 March 2015 during a New Moon phase over the salt lakes south of Beacon in the north-eastern central wheatbelt of Western Australia,” says Kylie. 

“We have amazing skies out here and none more so than during a time when there is no Moon – it’s really extraordinary how clear and bright the Milky Way is. I had passed these salt lakes several times and thought they would look fantastic with the Milky Way rising so waited until the Moon phase was right, set my alarm and headed out. I was not disappointed – it was simply stunning.

“My settings were 30secs, F4, ISO4000 on a 24-105mm lens on a Canon 5DIII. I did some levels adjustment, white balance and noise reduction to reduce the graininess caused by high ISO and longer exposure time. 

“Recent rainfall from Tropical Cyclone Olwyn had filled the salt lakes with water and so allowing some reflection from the trees in the foreground. I am a local landscape photographer behind the lens of Indigo Storm Photography and spend much of my time out capturing the amazing part of the world I live in. Night sky and weather photography are my favourite landscapes to capture and the wheatbelt of Western Australia sure gives me some incredible views to witness and record.”

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