Towering trees

By AG STAFF 22 January 2016
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Forests east of Melbourne are home to a huge population of mountain ash (Eucalyptus regnans), the world’s tallest flowering tree.

This week’s reader photo comes from amateur photographer Sam Hammond. Sam grew up in Marlborough, New Zealand, and is currently living in Melbourne. He picked up a love of photography from his father, who is a professional photographer in New Zealand.

“This photo was taken on an early morning drive on The Black Spur – an amazing road between Healesville and Marysville in the Yarra Ranges National Park in Victoria.

“The Black Spur has to be one of the best drives I have seen in Victoria. It’s an amazing road that winds through lush rainforest, with towering mountain ash trees looming overhead.

“This morning was very damp and foggy, and visibility was low. It was actually a little bit eerie driving through these towering 100m-tall trees, with not another soul on the road. We eventually managed to break through the fog, and the sun started to shine through. The light was amazing so I had to stop and get a shot. I think the final image captured the atmosphere nicely!”

Sam is interested in nature and landscape-style photography, as it drives him to get out and about and to explore new places.

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