Fanfare: Frill-necked lizard

By AG STAFF 11 December 2015
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Frill-necked lizards are known for ‘deimatic’ displays, in which the frills on either side of their head fan out, the mouth opens wide and the body is raised to appear larger and threatening.

This week’s reader photo was taken in Darwin, NT by Jannico Kelk.

“My partner and I woke up early one morning in Darwin, just as the sun rose. As we walked through the park we saw several frill-necked lizards basking in the early morning sun. This one put on quite a show with the sun back-lighting his impressive frill as we snapped away with our cameras. It was a perfect start to our wildlife photography trip,” he said.

Jannico is an amateur wildlife photographer with a keen interest in reptiles and amphibians.

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