Jumping spider a bright shade of orange

By AG STAFF 11 May 2015
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This tiny spider looks ready to jump in this week’s reader photo

Says Adam, self-taught amateur photographer with a strong appreciation for nature and macro photography: 

“This particular shot is of an orange-faced jumping spider (Prostheclina pallida), which is found along the east coast of Australia in the wetter areas.

This little tacker (around 5mm in size) was found around Mooney Mooney just north of Sydney.

He was quite active and had a real personality whilst being photographed; actually he was really interested in his own reflection in the end of my lens.

I feel that one of my main objectives when photographing spiders is to show the world just how adorable these little jumping spiders can be, having the two large front-facing eyes kind of gives them more of an animal or human look and not the typical scary spider look,” he says.

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