Beach huts in a line

By AG STAFF 10 April 2015
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Here’s a different view of the iconic huts at Brighton Beach, Victoria

Says Mark, a keen amateur photographer for almost 30 years: 

“Recently I went to Brighton Beach to photograph the beach huts. I had been meaning to visit this site for some time as the huts are one of the iconic images of Melbourne. There is one hut in particular which is painted to represent the Australian national flag which is situated at the northern end of the beach.

My original plan was to use this as the focal point of my image. Unfortunately, when I arrived at the beach, there was an almost constant queue of people waiting to have their picture taken in front of that hut. I waited for quite some time but the people just kept coming. I was about to give up when I noticed that there were a lot fewer people at the southern end of the beach. I relocated to there, setup and took this image.

The image was post processed a little in Lightroom and Photoshop was used to remove a few people from the scene.”


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