Blushing Barn Bluff

By AG STAFF 20 March 2015
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Sunset over Barn Bluff colours the landscape in shades of pink

This week’s reader photo was taken by Aaron in Tasmania, who says:

“Some moments in photography, you push yourself to capture what’s happening so you can work on your art and keep practicing to improve your skills and learn about light. But sometimes you forget why your there and just get sucked into the magnificence of what’s happening.

This sunset from Cradle Mountain Summit was one of those moments. I’ve had a few in the last two years since I started photography but none quite like the soft light touching the mountains during this evening. The colour in the sky actually got stronger after this pic but I was so overwhelmed I just stopped functioning properly and the rest of the pictures I took where all over the place. In the end I just sat still and soaked it all in.

The magnificence of being able to stare into a soft light that touches everything right to the horizon after the sun has gone down makes your eyes relax and be able to enjoy everything. The connection I have made with these mountains soaks me in a goodness while I am there but leaves me wanting to return once I’m gone.

If only we could live in these places. If only I could keep this connection. But life goes on and the feeling of the mountains grows dimmer each day until I return home again to drown in their wonder.”


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