Boobook owl on the prowl

By AG STAFF 9 December 2014
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Congratulations to this week’s AG Flickr group member Greg Oakley, for his image, ‘Southern Boobook, Cassia Hill – Northern Territory’.

Says Greg, a photographer from Melbourne, Victoria.

“Many of my images are more set-up portraits of smaller songbirds, but this was really an opportunistic shot. As I was walking through the bush with all my gear, I accidentally flushed a southern boobook (Ninox boobook) from a tree hollow nearby.

The bird flew a short distance and landed on a fallen tree trunk. The weather was quite gloomy and the light was dull, so I quickly checked my settings and increased the ISO setting to allow for a faster shutter speed. I then moved slowly to one side to isolate the bird against a plain background and managed a few frames in a short burst (over only a few seconds) before the bird flew off and disappeared. This was one of the last frames as the bird has just looked away and was getting ready to fly. Luckily a couple of frames were sharp!”

This pic appeared in the Australian Geographic Flickr group

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