AG Flickr photo: the green room

By AG STAFF 29 July 2011
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Take a bird’s eye look at what it’s like to be in a surfer’s ‘green room’.

A BIRD’S EYE VIEW of the classic ‘green room’ a surfer experiences is this week’s AG Flickr shot from contributor Jeff Livingston.

“I took this in April at about 7.30am at Duranbah beach,” says Jeff. “The mornings are really crisp in autumn and the surf is usually groomed from the night before. The clouds are pushed out to the horizon so once the sun comes up and past them it’s a really intense first light. The water is still fairly warm so taking photos in the surf and swimming among the waves is really enjoyable.

I have been taking photos since I was 15 and got shooting waves and surfers from the water when I was 16. Surfing, swimming and being around the ocean is something I’ve done since I was toddler. It wasn’t until later when I started realising how unique and special the ocean was that I had an urge to capture it. The variety of the ocean and that it produces something different every day will always make me want to take photos based around it or in it.”

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This pic appeared in the Australian Geographic Flickr group. Share your own photography and it could be featured on Australian Geographic online!