AG Flickr photo: duelling brumbies

By AG staff 19 July 2011
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A rare action shot of wild brumbies fighting is this week’s AG Flickr shot.

THIS GREAT ACTION SHOT of duelling brumbies of  was taken during a recent four-day hike through Kosciuszko National Park, says contributor Daniel Willans.

“Our intentions were to stay in and photograph some of the many old huts within the park, which all the locals we spoke to thought was crazy considering the sub-zero conditions,” he says. “To come across brumbies was definitely a welcome bonus.

This photo was taken on the morning of our last day of the walk. I spent about 20 minutes slowly getting as close to the brumbies as possible without scaring them off. After taking a few dozen shots of them just standing around, these two just attacked each other without warning. It only lasted about 30 seconds but it was incredibly intense.”

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