Flickr photo of the week: the secret shelter

By AG Staff 18 March 2011
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A rare view from behind a waterfall is this week’s AG Flickr contributor photo.

A hidden paradise is this week’s AG Flickr photo of the week, titled ‘The Secret Shelter’, by contributor Ronnie Watts.

“One weekend, while sitting by a waterfall about an hour from home, my mate and I decided to follow the flowing water downstream and away from the track,” says Ronnie. “We found this cave with sheets of water cascading over. It was vast, and was one of those places that so absorbed me that I just forgot about everything – my nine-to-five weekday job, my house with electricity – and just sat there awestruck, looking and listening and drying the waterfall spray off my camera.

I’ve always appreciated photography, but I only bought my first camera two years ago. I quickly became engrossed in being able to capture and share the unique places and moments that I’ve experienced, from being surrounded by feeding fish and diving birds in my kayak to overlooking valleys from high vantage points. There’s so much that nature has to offer us right on our doorsteps, you just have to get yourself out there to see it.”

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This pic appeared in the Australian Geographic Flickr group. Share your own photography and it could be featured on Australian Geographic online!

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