Reader photo: Sand waves

By AG Staff 26 November 2010
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The latest Australian Geographic Flickr group photo of the week.

Congratulations to this week’s AG Flickr group member Lachlan Cooke, for his
image, Sand waves. 

Flickr reader photos.

Lachlan says: “I ventured out to Bribie Island with my partner Renee for a weekend fishing session. We hoped to catch some quality fish, but as my rod ended up staying in the car, my Canon 40D (armed with the EFS 10-22mm lens) was ready to do battle with what nature provided. I have always loved the beach and being able to enjoy the diverse environments that come with it. The tide was on the way out so the waves and ripples left in the sand gave the impression of being on another planet. I just couldn’t resist the opportunity to snap a few shots.

I picked up my first SLR camera about 12 months ago and havn’t really put it down since then. Being new to the whole DSLR scene it has opened up a whole world of photography which I never really knew existed. I am constantly upgrading my gear and hope to one day become a professional photographer.”

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