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Kids are learning to code earlier and earlier, and this, the second in a series of award-winning, screen-free games designed to build mental skills, is the perfect introduction to the principles and concepts involved.

Watch as you’re presented with 40 challenges, each with its own unique map containing a series of pathways that you’ll need to negotiate your way through.

Learn that the rover is programmed to only travel on coloured routes, but the paths on each map are black and white. You’ll need to use all your guile to figure out how to colour your way through so it can complete its mission.

Discover how using logic is at the heart of coding, and wallow in the joy of solving a puzzle that seemed impossible only seconds earlier!

Best for: Eights and over who are chomping at the bit to try coding, but need to hone their problem-solving skills in a way that engages them from the moment they open the box.

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