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Horrible Science – Violent Volcano


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If you’ve got a budding volcanologist on your hands (or just a child who is fascinated by all things explosive), then this is the Horrible Science kit for you. Make a Violent Volcano and learn some fascinating science facts along the way.

Contents: plastic volcano model, tartaric acid, bicarbonate of sold, goggles, scoop, mini card stand ups and ‘Horrible Info’ leaflet.

Watch how the lava erupts from the top of the volcano with a force that will astound you. Now, imagine this happening in nature.

Learn all about the science behind volcanos including some amazing facts that will blow your mind as your volcano blows its top!

Discover how to make your very own erupting volcano and how to become an expert in survival (should you ever come across a real erupting volcano…)

Best for: Mini volcanologists aged 8+.

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