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Ages 14+

This projection clock forecasts weather with weather symbols (Sunny, Snowy, Cloudy and Rainy) for the next 6 hours. It supports up to 3 outdoor sensors and an external sensor is included. The projector displays time on your ceiling or wall and it can rotate 180 degree. The dual alarm function allows you to set two alarm times on a single clock, one for you and one for your partner. The clear and easy on the eye backlight ensures that you’ll always have comfortable viewing in the dark. • Weather Forecast with indoor/outdoor temperature display

• Dual alarms with snooze
• 12/24 hours selectable with Calendar
• Five languages week day display : GE, EN, FR, IT, DU
• Time projection with 180 flip
• Indoor/Outdoor low battery indicator
• Clear, even backlight
• Support up to 3 sensors; One sensor included
• Switchable between C/ F
• Indoor temperature: 5 C 50 C
• Outdoor temperature: 20 C 60 C

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Weight 45 g
Dimensions 6 × 13 cm