The Big Book of Hacks


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From a tiny Theremin to a watermelon keg, from an automatic cat feeder to a glowing mouse pad, the ingenious and hilarious projects in The Big Book of Hacks are perfect for aspiring makers.

In The Book of Hacks, you get a collection of these amazing ideas from the DIY masters at Popular Science magazine–from a theremin you can make for under $15 to a motorized skateboard, from an epic potato gun to a Roomba that waters your plants. It’s never been a better time to be a geek. Four comprehensive chapters help readers create megafun games and toys for the amusement of all; trick out their home with improvised gadgets; upgrade basic electronics and tools like a pro; and build wild and zany vehicles. Contents: Geek Toys Build a Pocket Theremin – Tear Up the Dance Floor in an LED Suit – Disguise Your Beer Can – Shoot Fireballs with a Rocket-Shaped Launcher – Program a Drink-Slinging Droid-Start Up a Lego(t) Pinball Machine – Make a Mini Toothbrush Robot Home Improvements Turn Your Roomba into a Robot – Make a Customizable Doormat – Put Together a Low-Budget Luxury Shower – Set Up a DIY Smoker – Organize Loose Cables Foil Wi-Fi Thieves – Make the Lazy Man’s Lawn Mower Tech Upgrades Rig a Smartphone Projector – Retrofit a Vintage Radio – Assemble an eBook Reader Case – Repurpose an Old Computer for Any Room in the House Hack Your Cable Box – RFID-Proof Your Wallet Things That Go Trick Out a Motorized Skateboard – Run Your Car on Trash – Soar in a Personal Blimp – Convert an Old Bike into an All-Star Cruiser – Supercharge a Paper Plane – Speed Off on a Jet Kayak

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