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Astronomy 2020 Australia


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Step outside and look up at the night sky. We are fortunate to live in Australia, where the stars of the Southern Hemisphere are spectacular.  Does it leave you with a sense of wonder, wanting to know more about the heavens above?  The this book is for you.

Whatever your level of interest this book has so much to offer.  Even if you are a beginner just starting your astronomical voyage, using nothing but your eyes, let this be your guide to:

  • Which planet is that moving against the stars?
  • When will the Moon rise or set?
  • Which constellation is that?
  • What is that bright star?

This annual gem (produced each year since 1991) continues to take the Australian stargazer on a wondrous journey of the night sky. This critically acclaimed work, produced by three well known experts in the field, takes a unique approach to explaining and identifying the Sun, Moon, planets and constellations; it is simply the best publication of its type in the world.

The three authors: Glenn Dawes, Peter Northfield and Ken Wallace backgrounds stem from a long love affair with the night sky dating back to the 60s & 70s. This amateur interest lead to them becoming long term members of the Astronomical Society of NSW (ASNSW). This association not only fostered their interest in all aspects of amateur astronomy but lead to developing skills in communicating through the various public field nights and the society’s publications.

Paperback, 275 x 210mm,  152 pages

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