Sam Mitchell Young Adventurer of the Year 2017

By Caitlin Maxwell 30 October 2017
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Young engineering student Sam Mitchell has pioneered sustainable technologies making him the 2017 Young Adventurer of the Year.

Sam Mitchell may have grown up in the small town of Orbost in Victoria, but at just 22, has already achieved big things. In June 2016, he became the first person to complete the traverse of Australia’s most challenging four-wheel-drive track, the 1850km Canning Stock Route, in WA, on an electric ‘fat bike’. The resourceful engineering student towed a trailer he whipped up from an old trampoline on which he’d mounted solar panels and a battery. In this, he carried all the gear necessary for the lengthy expedition. He’s a champion of sustainability and dedicated seeker of adventure who, at just 16, built a solar-powered tricycle out of recycled junk from a tip and two years later put this invention to the ultimate test by cycling it 18,000km around Australia in eight months. Along the way, Sam completed the 2015 World Solar Challenge.