What if you had this many snake skins in your roof?

By Australian Geographic 7 May 2021
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Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers found over 30 snake skins in the roof of one Queensland home.

The Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers Facebook page is known for some crazy snake posts, but this may just top the list.

Could you imagine finding this many snake skins in your roof and not immediately burning your house to the ground?

(Image credit: Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers)

Posting to its social media yesterday, the group published images of one of their snake catchers Dave holding up the mighty haul from the roof of a Queensland home.

“How is this haul from Dave when he conducted a roof inspection yesterday. He brought down over 30 snake skins out of the family’s roof space, and there was probably another 20 skins up there,” it wrote.

“The kids at the house loved it and had plenty of questions to ask Dave about snakes.

“Snakes are great to have in your roof as they eat all the rodents. Who doesn’t love free pest control!”