Top 5 whale watching spots in Sydney

By AG/NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service 29 May 2018
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From May to November each year, Sydney transforms into a whale watching hot spot, with vast numbers heading north to breed after a summer spent feeding in Antarctic waters.

HUMPBACKS AND southern right whales have been known to pop up in Sydney’s iconic harbour during their northern migration.

While they’re not the largest whales, they are some of the most magnificent and recognisable species gracing our oceans today.

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They are capable of travelling 8km an hour but on a long journey they average only 2km, stopping to rest and socialise along the way.

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service is encouraging people to visit a coastal national park to catch all the action and experience whales enjoying their natural playground. 

1. Cape Solander

June and July are the best times to see humpback and southern right whales as they migrate to warmer waters. If you’re lucky you won’t even need to look far – whales have been known to swim as close as 200m from the coast. Cape Solander features a lookout with a viewing platform, perfect for whale watchers.

2. North Head,

North Head provides views across Sydney Harbour National Park towards South Head and is one of the best spots for Sydney whale watching. The paved Fairfax walk is an easy, gentle track that loops around North Head, making it a fantastic whale watching walk, with sensational ocean views.

3. South Head

There is no shortage of whale watching vantage points in this picturesque part of Sydney Harbour National Park. The Gap offers some of Sydney’s finest ocean views for whale watching; or you can walk the easy South Head Heritage trail to the historic Hornby Lighthouse for panoramic ocean views.

4. Barrenjoey Headland

A walk up one of the tracks to the historic Barrenjoey Lighthouse will reward you with spectacular ocean views and a great opportunity to spot migrating whales.

5. The Coast Track

The Coast Track provides countless spots to whale watch from the sandstone cliffs, headlands and lookouts along the way. The 26km track, which runs from Bundeena to Otford, can be walked in sections to allow plenty of time to enjoy the panoramic ocean views.