VIDEO: meet Tasmanian devil joeys, Koda and Kayah

The pair of Tassie devils are a part of a much larger effort to save their species from extinction.
By AG Staff October 3, 2017 Reading Time: < 1 Print this page

KODA AND Kayah— two Tasmanian devil joeys, filmed here playing with their carer Taryn Moore, are the cutest additions to the Australian Reptile Park family. 

Both of the Tasmanian devil joeys are a part of the Devil Ark program, which this year had a record-breaking breeding season.

“The joeys will call The Australian Reptile Park home for the next 6 months to help raise species awareness for the plight of the Tasmanian devil before heading back to Devil Ark to be a part of the breeding program,” the reptile park confirmed in a statement. 

If you’d like the chance to get involved in an important conservation effort, this November Australian Geographic will be sponsoring a three-day Devil Ark expedition where you can get up-close with Tasmanian devils— feeding them, monitoring them, the lot! Click HERE for more information.