Video: curious echidna close encounter

By Ian Stubbings 30 January 2015
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A wild echidna is so tame that it doesn’t mind human presence.

Hobart-based tour guide Ian Stubbings had a close encounter with a curious echidna, who didn’t seem to mind his presence at all.

Ian says:

“In the summer of 2014, I went hiking out to Cape Raoul in the Tasman National Park in Tasmania. It was a scenic walk out along the coast, with views of shear 300m-tall sea cliffs (the highest in the Southern Hemisphere).

The walk also had abundant wildlife; I viewed two Echidnas, two tiger Snakes and a couple of sea eagles. However this is sort of the norm for national parks and remote areas in Tasmania I have found.

I was out the end of the peninsula on Cape Raoul having lunch when I stumbled upon an Echidna shuffling along and sniffing for ants. I sat down and was perfectly still and quiet and just watched this placid little species go about his business for about half an hour.

In which time he or she shuffled all around me and sniffed my pants and shoes and dug for food. It may seem tame in the video but echidnas rely heavily on their hearing and senses in their snouts and have very poor eye sight.

Being able to get this close to such a curious and beautiful animal is a privilege and truly made for a very special experience I will not forget.”