The best wild ideas of 2020

By Australian Geographic 14 December 2020
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The Wild Idea Incubator is focused on supporting conservation-oriented start-ups. These are their finalists for 2020.

Australians aren’t short on ideas to help our environment. That’s why, each year, the NSW Government Saving Our Species program in partnership with conservation organisation Odonata runs the Wild Idea Incubator, which asks scientists, environmentalists, and everyday Australians to bring their ideas for nature out of the “idea” realm and into reality. 

In its first year, Wild Idea supported four promising conservation projects, including The Lonely Conservationists, an online platform for conservationists to share stories and increase mental health awareness, and Owl BnB, which creates portable habitats for owls. But, they were just getting started.

This year’s finalists have taken it to the next level, focusing on ways we can better look after our nature spaces among the urban sprawl. 

Did you know that golf courses are havens for biodiversity? According to scientists, they contain the greatest diversity and abundance of beetles, bees, birds and bats out of all urban green spaces. That’s where Wild Idea’s Beyond the Fairway comes in. These guys are dedicated to enhancing the natural biodiversity on golf courses and in turn providing a greater interaction between golfers and their environment.

Another finalist, Run for Wild Places, is a trail running challenge where you run as many kilometres as you can over the course of a month to protect wild places. The group is tapping into the power of the jogging community and gearing them towards action for the environment. 

Some finalists chose to grapple with Australia’s fastening extinction rate. Kamilaroi woman Camille Goldstone-Henry, an animal and veterinary bioscientist has formed Xylo Systems, which looks to revolutionise threatened species management and impact.

And these are just a few of the wild ideas to come out of the program. Do you have a great business idea to help our environment, and the time and skills to make it happen? Visit their website to find out more –and keep an eye out for next year’s entry opening. 

This article is sponsored by the Wild Idea Incubator.