VIDEO: The beauty of synchronised whales

By AG Staff 21 July 2017
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These two whales were captured in perfect synchronicity along the North Queensland coast.

THESE TWO HUMPBACK whales were captured in almost perfect synchronicity along the North Queensland coast, just off Townsville — a great position to view migrating whales.

Here are some other great locations for viewing these spectacular marine giants this whale season across the Queensland coast. 

Whitsundays, QLD

Every year from May to September humpback whales make the waters in and around the Whitsunday Islands their home. Because the waters are shallow, sheltered and warm it is the ideal calving ground and nursery for newborn whales. Humpback whales can be seen amongst the islands, and occasionally on the Great Barrier Reef, with their young.

Hervey Bay, QLD

Humpback whales have made Hervey Bay a regular stop on their annual migration south. The whales begin to arrive in Hervey Bay from mid-July, where they remain until late November, before heading south again.. The waters are sheltered by Fraser Island, so the humpbacks usually stop and rest or play – especially with their young – for a few days before heading off again.

Great Barrier Reef, QLD

The best time of year to spot dwarf minke whales on the reef is June–July, when pods of the curious animals gather here for a few weeks. Little is known about the migration pattern and life cycle of this subspecies of the common minke whale, but they are easily distinguished by their small size and mottled grey, black and white colouration.