Cut-leaf banksia

    Banksia praemorsa

    Photo Credit: Margaret Pieroni

    Blue ginger

    Dichorisandra thyrsiflora

    Photo Credit: Beverly Allen

    Eucalyptus copulans

    Photo Credit: Lesley Elkan

    Morton Bay fig

    Ficus macrophylla

    Photo Credit: Kate Nolan

    Chilean Bellflower

    Lapageria rosea

    Photo Credit: Annie Hughes

    Chir Pine

    Pinus roxburghii

    Photo Credit: Elaine Musgrave

    Rhododendron dalhousiae

    Photo Credit: Christine Battle

    Wollemi Pine

    Wollemia noblilis

    Photo Credit: Beverly Allen

    Gymea lily

    Doryanthes excelsa

    Photo Credit: Deirdre Bean

GALLERY: The illustrated garden

By AG STAFF | August 9, 2016

This year, the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney marks its 200th anniversary with the launch of Florilegium – an ambitious painted record of its living plant collections. Read more about the Florilegium project in the latest issue of Australian Geographic (AG#134).