Infographic: The state of coal

By Emil Jeyaratnam, James Whitmore, Reema Rattan and Wes Mountain 17 June 2016
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From formation to export, the key facts and figures.

AS THE WORLD moves to combat climate change, it’s increasingly doubtful that coal will continue to be a viable energy source, because of its high greenhouse gas emissions. But coal played a vital role in the Industrial Revolution and continues to fuel some of the world’s largest economies. This series looks at coal’s past, present and uncertain future.

CC BY-ND The Conversation

Emil Jeyaratnam is Multimedia Editor at The Conversation; James Whitmore is Editor, Environment & Energy at The Conversation; Reema Rattan is Series + Specials Editor at The Conversation, and Wes Mountain is Deputy Multimedia Editor at The Conversation.

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