VIDEO: Old-school outback science

By AG STAFF 12 January 2016
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Outback Queensland grazier and self-taught natural historian Angus Emmott has discovered several species, with even a few named after him.

Together with his family, Angus Emmott runs Noonbah Station, a 100-year-old cattle station located in outback Queensland, some 100km from Longreach on top of the channel country. 

Besides being a grazier, Angus is passionate about the unique natural world that surrounds him in Western Queensland. A self-taught natural historian, he has discovered several species, with a few even named after him and his family. He’s also an avid photographer and boasts a vast collection of magnificent wildlife photographs.

In this video, we hear from him and his passion for this sparsely documented part of the world. 

Recorded by Saila Huusko in April 2015.