Kids need to read more books about Aussie animals. Here are some of our favourites

By AG STAFF 6 March 2020
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Here’s a list of our favourite Australian Geographic children’s books.

Australian Geographic has been publishing children’s book for decades. Sure, lions, tigers and bears are cool, but Australian kids need to know about the animals in their own backyard as well.

“Children, with their natural curiosity and endless questions, love non-fiction. Whether a child’s favourite topic is space, dinosaurs or trucks, there are books out there that answer their questions and inspire new ones,” says managing commercial editor Lauren Smith.

“Australian Geographic thinks it’s particularly important to inspire curiosity about the world around us – our unique wildlife, our amazing ecosystems, our history and our culture.

“It’s also important to draw attention to stories, animals and environments that are less famous. We love kangaroos and great whites, the Harbour Bridge and rock pools – but we also want to talk about woylies and marsupial moles, the caves under the Nullabor and the karri forests of Western Australia.”

Australia’s Most Extreme

The creatures in this book are the superheroes of Australia’s animal world, beating all the records when it comes to size, speed, strength, and survival.  What animal runs so fast it goes blind? Which creature has a tongue that weighs as much as an elephant? What insect carries a bomb in its rear end?  Enter the world of Australia’s Most Extreme – and prepare to be amazed! 

Australia’s Amazing Whales and Dolphins

Dive with us into the underwater world of Australia’s amazing whales and dolphins. Australia is blessed with an abundance of riches when it comes to the marine mammals that grace our coastline or pass through our waters.  Forty-five cetacean species – whales, dolphins and porpoises – have been recorded around Australia, more than half of the world’s species.

Creatures with Features: Feathers, Fur and Spines

Children learn about how features of animal’s bodies allow them to move in a certain way. This early reader series features images from leading wildlife photographer, Steve Morenos, with two double-page spreads are dedicated to each Australian animal. Readers are given a close-up look at animal feature and given a chance to guess the animal it might belong to, before learning from the animal why it is useful to them.

Neville the Devil

An unforgettable book set in verse, this beautifully illustrated text tells the story of the iconic Tasmanian devil. As an endangered species facing a number of threats, young Neville must learn to thrive in his bush environment.

The Coral Kingdom

Through gentle rhyme and intricately etched artwork, this book explores the life cycle, diversity and colour of the coral reef ecosystem, as well as the threats the reef faces, and what we can do to save it. Every page contains a ho st of delightful sea creatures to discover and enjoy, and an extra-wide fold-out page at the end displays the reef in all its glory.

Up Close Spiders

Dangerous or not? Learn how to recognise the most deadly spiders, and how to help someone who has been bitten. Discover the amazing tricks spiders use to catch plenty of insects for their dinner. Find out how to tell which spider made the huge web that appeared in your garden overnight. Inspect some astonishing close-up photos of spiders on the hunt for food and hiding from their enemies.

A World of Environments

Stunningly illustrated and impeccably researched this book is a unique publishing experience designed to capture the attention of older children but will educate and entertain the nature lover and explorer in us all. Whether you have a fascination to learn about the world’s animals and plants or the places they live, you’ll find it in this book that brings you an unparalleled snapshot of Planet Earth’s most critical habitats.

Wild Australia

Have you ever spotted a snake in the Simpson Desert or a bull ray at Bondi Beach? Can you spy the albatross in Antarctica, or find the green turtle swimming through the Great Barrier Reef? Let’s go on an adventure to find all the amazing animals that live across Australia!


The world of minibeasts is bigger than we think! From the worms on the ground, to the insects in the air and the jellyfish in the sea – minibeasts are all around us.

Life Cycles

Some mothers lay eggs, and some give birth to live young. Some animals are ready to leave the nest straight away, and others stay with family. Come along as we learn all about the different life cycles!