VIDEO: The bicycle collector

Hear the philosophy and see the life of obsessive bicycle-collector James MacDonald.
By Natsumi Penberthy November 7, 2013 Reading Time: < 1 Print this page

HAVING SPENT THE LAST 25 years on his bicycle collection, James MacDonald is now watching a tsunami of interest in vintage bikes. “It is a growing thing in the last year or so, and it’s because the modern bike has no flavour at all,” says James.

Through old-fashioned legwork he now owns one of the few large historic collections in the country, and attention is growing.

In July last year, Australian Geographic photographer Dean Saffron was introduced to James in the lead up to Pushies Galore, one of Brisbane’s first bicycle swap-meets. Dean made the journey an hour and a half west of Brisbane when he heard of James MacDonald’s house of bicycles. He was shocked when the 2m 58sec video he put online (above) tallied up over 100,000 hits.

Dean Saffron’s website

Read more about historical bike collecting in issue 116 (Sept/Oct) of Australian Geographic.

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