Top 10 galleries of 2011

By AG Staff 7 December 2011
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A stunning collection of the year’s most popular photo galleries.

Camera traps reveal animal self portraits

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Hidden camera traps have snapped thousands of images of endangered animals in remote jungles.

World Heritage sites of Australia

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In 1981 Australia had three World Heritage sites. From Uluru to Shark Bay, we now have 18 stunning protected sites.

Lake Eyre: reflections of the outback

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A new exhibition showcases Lake Eyre as you’ve never seen this outback icon.

History of Australia: A nation in the making

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The Tyrrell Collection of images showcases the history of Australia and the maturing of a nation.
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Best panoramic photographs of 2011

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More than 3,500 images from 985 photographers in 62 countries were entered into the Epson Pano awards. These are the best.

Birds of paradise: ritual of seduction

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The extravagant feathers and exuberant displays of birds of paradise are all in the name of love.

Broken Hill: after the rains

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Absent for decades, heavy rainfall has now brought the region around Broken Hill bursting back into vibrant life.

Tasmanian tigers brought to life

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The largest private collection of Tasmanian tiger relics helps explain how the marsupials lived, and how they died.

Life on Macquarie Island in the sub-Antarctic

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There are still few places in the world that are truly wild, but Macquarie Island in the sub-Antarctic is one of them.

Desert channels: heart of Australia

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The desert channel country of western Queensland is a region of historical geography and great beauty.