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Gallery: Aussie animal war mascots

A surprising number of animals pop up in the Australian War Memorial’s image library. Some of them were useful members of a unit, others were just a comfort to the men or a reminder of home. For animals this was sometimes for better or for worse, but they are nonetheless part of the story of the Australians at war. Here are some of the animal companions of our troops from WWI to WWII.

History & Culture

Memory keepers: Soldier’s personal photos of WWI

Anzac troops heading into conflict went armed with more than weapons. The invention of the Vest Pocket Kodak (VPK) camera, small enough to fit into the pocket of a soldier’s tunic, enabled troops to capture the true face of war. Here are some of their personal images.

History & Culture

Gallery: Lost portraits of Australian WWI solidiers

The State Library of NSW is calling for information on an unseen, haunting collection of portraits of WWI soldiers in NSW in 1918. Of the 1600 images, 230 images are currently on exhibit, and 20 of them are shown here. Portraits of War: The Crown Studios Project will be on show at the State Library of NSW from 28 June until 21 September 2014 in Exhibition Galleries.