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Profile: Jason Beachcroft

The 2014 AG Society Adventurer of the Year, Jason Beachcroft, achieved kayaking glory, paddling 18,000km around Australia, including Tasmania, in 533 days.


Kings of Karangarua River, New Zealand

You don’t have to travel to far-flung places to paddle something new. As the winners of the 2015 The North Face Adventure Grant found, sometimes you can find virgin waterways in your own backyard.


The row less travelled

You might think that circumnavigating the Mediterranean would be a relatively easy adventure. Think row boat, think four-metre waves, think Force 7-8 winds and think again.


Five paddling adventures

Want to experience the paddling trip of a lifetime? Whether an exploratory kayak expedition, a family canoe journey or a fun multi-day event, there’s a paddling memory-in-waiting here for everyone.


Paddling southwest Tasmania

Paddling Tasmania’s dangerous waters can be tricky at the best of times. Paddling the formidable and unchartered southwest coast requires plenty of preparation, the right gear and a healthy dose of optimism.


Ngaro dreaming

Paddling the Whitsundays’ Ngaro Sea Trail offers the opportunity to appreciate this spectacular seascape as it would have been many thousands of years ago.


Top 12 paddling spots in Australasia

It was a tough call, but we’ve picked them: the top dozen destinations for paddlers in Australasia. Discover the most beautiful coasts to kayak, the wildest rivers to raft and the most tranquil lakes to canoe.