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Top 10: 2017’s most amazing Australian animal science stories

This year, many of Australia’s best animal science stories had a focus on restoring Australia’s biodiversity – the vast web of living organisms that keep our air, soil and water healthy. Biodiversity affects our economic development as well as our health and wellbeing. We offer you ten stories from 2017 that provide hope that sustained efforts can help.

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GALLERY: Lord Howe Island

This World Heritage-listed island is bursting with photographic subjects, ready to be captured. And now the Island has it’s very own photography competition, the Kentia Prize, which calls on all photographers to submit their best photographs of this unique ecosystem, with all proceeds being donated to the Lord Howe Island Central School. In this gallery, photographer Luke Hanson gives a sneak preview. To find out more about the Kentia Prize Competition click here HERE.


Lord Howe Island escape

A week without wi-fi and telly might sound like a challenge for some families, but with so much to see and do, Lord Howe Island makes it easy.